How to study Samskrit

(1) Bootstrap yourself. Enable yourself to learn samskrit through samskrit.
  • Active Learning: Attend Samskrita Bharati's 20-hour introductory workshop
  • Passive Learning: Watch the taped version of the workshop, sold by Rashtriya Samskrita Samsthan
(2) Develop basic skills in the language, in order to be able to read simple compositions.
  • Study Level 1 & 2 from Rashtriya Samskrita Samsthan's "Teach Yourself Samskrit" series
  • Read simple prose works. Get a subscription to Samskrita Bharati's "sambhashana-sandesha" magazine, and read the "bala-modini" stories.Then graduate to the other short-stories.
(3) Read simple literature
  • Study one of the Level 3 offerings from the "Teach Yourself Samskrit" series.
  • Read all sections from the sambhashana-sandesha magazine.
(4) Enjoy Samskrit: You can now start reading a broad swath of samskrit literature with the help of simple samskrit tikas.